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Our free life skills and supplemental curriculum content helps improve youth awareness about essential topics like mental health, financial literacy, and career pathways. 

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We understand you may want to review the Mindful Modules before incorporating them into your class. Scroll through the available courses and dedicated regional content below.  

USA Gamified Digital Mental Health Activity for Teens-1-1


Mental Health and Wellness Course

Raise awareness with students about mental health and wellbeing with a gamified Mental Health Course.

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Health and Well-being Courses

Students explore valuable information that will support them throughout their lives. Modules cover topics like mental health and wellness, substance use, suicide prevention, online safety, workplace safety, and more. Questions are age-sensitive and designed to align with social and emotional learning principles.

USA Gamified Digital Mental Health Activity for Teens-1-1

Mental Health and Wellness Course

Raise awareness with students about mental health, well-being, and resources available across the US.

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USA Mental Health disorders module

Mental Health Disorders Module

Inspire compassion and build awareness in students about mental health disorders and where to go for help.

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Substance Use, Awareness & Prevention

Light the way to support for students and encourage help seeking behaviour.

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Suicide Prevention & Awareness

Help students discover resources and learn skills to support loved ones. 

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Financial Literacy Courses

Custom Online Learning for Any Topic

Break down any subject or topic into bite-sized questions, and guide learners through reputable resources. Any information that lives online can be integrated into our proven ‘research and learn’ format. Target questions by age, school, and other demographic indicators.

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If you would like a copy of the questions within these partner resources, feel free to contact our team. We'd be happy to help. 

Brian Hutchison

“ChatterHigh’s unique ‘research and learn’ activity was designed with a youth-first perspective in mind, increasing student engagement, enjoyment, and confidence in their career futures.”

Dr. Brian Hutchison, Core Faculty, focused on Clinical Mental Health, Walden University, School of Counseling.

Past Editor, Asia Pacific Career Development Journal