Work and Travel Abroad with International Experience Canada

Help students gain the essential skills to navigate international work and travel opportunities, from application processes to travel tips.

In this course students will explore unique experiences to work and travel around the world as they discover the different countries available, how to apply, travel tips and travel advice from International Experience Canada (IEC).


Module titles:

Module 1: Connect to Countries

Students will explore the many countries where they can work in and travel to with International Experience Canada (IEC).

Module 2: What IEC Does For You

Students will explore the role of International Experience Canada in helping them work abroad and ensuring they have everything they need to make the most of their travel experience.

Module 3: How to Apply

Students will learn all the steps to apply to International Experience Canada (IEC) as they explore documents, visas and other requirements needed to begin their work and travel journey!

Module 4: Travel Advice and Advisories

Students will explore travel advice and advisories to help keep them safe wherever they choose to travel.

Module 5: Travel Tips and Tricks

Students will discover travel tips and tricks from International Experience Canada to help them make a seamless transition abroad.

Module 6: IEC Social Media

Students will explore International Experience Canada’s (IEC) social media platforms and how they can help them travel.


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