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Canada’s Most Informed School and Students Competition



Competition Dates

Fall 2021: October 25 to December 3

Spring 2022: April 11 to May 20



An opportunity for students and schools to win prizes while becoming more informed about career and post-secondary options after high school!

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Everything You Need to Know in 2 Minutes

Hear from students, teachers, and even some government representatives about the importance of career exploration!

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  • How it works
  • Prizes
  • Interest profile
  • Getting started
  • Government recognition
  • Benefits of participating
  • and more!

Lee Taal, ChatterHigh Founder, explains how the competition works, what's at stake, and how students can unlock their personalized interest profile! 


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How it Works

Schools compete by exploring career, post-secondary & labour market information resources in a 10 question daily quiz. 


Answer More, Earn More

$60,000 in cash prizes available to be won between the fall and spring rounds! Students earn bursaries for achieving a threshold of correct answers. For the school competition, there are four divisions based on the school population. There is tiered prizing for the 24 top schools amongst the different leaderboards.

Canada's Most Informed Student Competition

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Canada's Most Informed School Competition


What Do Participants Think?

Why do students and teachers love Let's Talk Careers?

Watch as participants from previous competitions share what they learned and enjoy about the event. Past winners have even offered up some advice! 

  1. The learning and awareness building
  2. Discovery of new interests
  3. Great resources to explore
  4. It's fun!
  5. School pride

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Why Participate in Canada’s Most Informed School and Student Competition?


The ChatterHigh platform offers students the opportunity to discover existing and emergent careers, and make connections between school, post-secondary, and the world of work. Let’s Talk Science, Skills Canada and ChatterHigh have teamed up to offer an exciting opportunity to engage students in career discovery.

Students will answer a 10 question quiz each day to earn points towards their personal leaderboards and the school-wide totals. These quizzes allow them to research and explore thousands of higher education and career options that they may not have been exposed to any other way. The schools with the highest ranking at the end of the competition will win a cash prize, and the students who hit the correct question threshold/quota in the time period will also win personal cash bursaries!

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