Embracing Nature's Climate Solutions

Help students explore the topic of nature-based climate solutions through a western lens with this gamified online course.

In this course, students will delve into the topic nature-based climate solutions through a western lens while covering themes of climate change, conservation and climate action. This course was developed in collaboration with Environment and Climate Change Canada. 


Module titles:

Module 1: Let’s Talk Climate Change

Students will explore climate change including what it is and how it affects the earth.

Module 2: Let’s Talk Conservation

Students will discover what conservation is as they explore the importance of conservation and how it plays a significant role in climate change.

Module 3: Nature-based Climate Solutions

Students will learn about the nature-based climate solutions that are contributing to the fight against climate change.

Module 4: Let’s Talk Climate Action

Students will explore Canada’s role in fighting climate change as they discover the various ways they can contribute and take climate action!


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Embracing Natures Climate Solutions - ECCC Course Two Phones