Insurance Institute - Career Connections and Insurance Literacy and Me Courses

Inform students about careers in insurance and insurance literacy through these two courses.

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Gamified insurance literacy and career connections modules are now freely available for students and teachers on the ChatterHigh platform. 


Welcome to the Insurance Institute and career connections courses!

In these two courses, students will gain knowledge of the various career paths the insurance industry has to offer and gain insurance literacy on many topics from home to car insurance. Students will use the research function to explore insurance topics while searching for answers. Their search will lead them to a plethora of resources which help broaden their understanding of insurance.

When they answer questions, they'll earn points, which they can use to enter prize draws or to donate to Food Banks Canada. These courses help to inform and engage students with insurance literacy while providing knowledge on the insurance industry.


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Insurance Literacy and Me

Through this course, students will learn about different types of insurance they may encounter and need to purchase as an adult.

Insurance Literacy and Me Module Titles:

  • Getting to Know Insurance
  • My First Car
  • Living on My Own
  • First Time Homeowners
  • Forces of Nature
  • Bet You Didn't Know
Two Phones for Insurance LP
Student Module Screen Insurance LP

Insurance Institute - Career Connections

Through this course, students will learn about different career opportunities within insurance.

Insurance Institute - Career Connections Module Titles:

  • Career Connections Website Scavenger Hunt
  • Career Exploration
  • Career Trivia Challenge
  • Careers in Insurance Video "Watch Party" & Quiz