Engage and Motivate Teens with Online Learning 

Learn how ChatterHigh expands opportunity awareness, engages learners with life skills content, and lights the way to future success.
Engaging Teens in Career Development through Technology A Case Study in Canada-1

Download the case study to learn how ChatterHigh can help foster hope, and help students prepare for their future.  


This peer-reviewed research reveals how ChatterHigh usage has a positive impact on students':

  • access to relevant career and labor market information
  • awareness of post-secondary and work opportunities
  • engagement in school and personal career planning
  • preparedness for transitions, and hope for the future

Research conducted by the Canadian Career Development Foundation and the University of Missouri St-Louis analyses the impact of ChatterHigh's e-learning format. Studied initially through the lens of career education, this format is now used for our modules to deliver a variety of supplemental curriculum. 

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How it Works


ChatterHigh is a gamified content engagement platform used by students and teachers across Canada and the USA. Students receive a question which they need to answer by visiting the linked real-world resource. The activity can be done in class or at home and it is self-marking so that teachers can easily monitor progress.

Our 'Mindful Modules' cover a range of topics for life after high school. These modules help learners develop core competencies by using an active learning format proven to increase hope and awareness.


Modules can be customized to provide learners with an engaging way to explore a variety of supplemental curriculum topics. 

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