Custom Online Learning Modules for Any Topic

  • Accelerate learning with remote summer school
  • Engage students with gamification
  • Deliver lessons in the class or at home
  • Automatically track and assess progress
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Prepare Students for Future Success

Break down any subject or topic into bite-sized questions, and guide learners through reputable resources. Any information that lives online can be integrated into our proven ‘research and learn’ format. Target questions by age, school, and other demographic indicators.

Accelerate learning and mitigate learning loss by offering remote summer school. Offer competition and incentives to get everyone (even parents) involved like this school in Florida. 

Build knowledge and awareness about mental health topics, tools, and local resources. Support the well-being of your students and teachers with information that fosters compassion and resilience.

Improving financial well-being is a lifelong journey. Guide students through online budget planners, banking or credit information, loan applications, and more.

Educate students and parents about available dual credit options that accelerate or ease the transition to life after high school.

Raise awareness about career pathway opportunities and give students the tools they need to plan for their future.

Deliver SEL from reputable resources, and give students the skills they need to manage emotions, achieve goals, connect with others, and understand themselves.

What education initiative is your district prioritizing this year? Any information that lives online can be delivered via our gamified platform. Check out how this district in Florida is using ChatterHigh to mediate learning loss and meet a 20-hour reading requirement.

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How it Works

Our self-directed approach guides learners to explore reputable resources, creating an active learning environment. Gamification makes it fun to progress through the content. Reports and dashboards make it easy for educators to assess progress.

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Choose a topic for your module

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Create a set of questions

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Provide research destination links

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Monitor class, school, or district progress

An Evidence-Based Digital Learning Solution

Close the digital divide with a platform proven to engage and prepare students for the future. 

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Of teachers said ChatterHigh increases knowledge and awareness of options for their students.

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Of students said ChatterHigh made them feel more hopeful, motivated, and engaged in regards to their future.

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Students were 66% more likely to know the next steps for the path they wanted to follow after using ChatterHigh.

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Brian Hutchison

“ChatterHigh’s unique ‘research and learn’ activity was designed with a youth-first perspective in mind, increasing student engagement, enjoyment, and confidence in their career futures”

Dr. Brian Hutchison, Core Faculty, focused on Clinical Mental Health, Walden University, School of Counseling.

Past Editor, Asia Career Development Journal

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Engage Students with Gamification

Students earn points for researching and answering questions correctly. Points can be used to enter prize draws or can be donated to Feeding America. You can even launch a competition in your district to increase motivation and accelerate learning. To learn more, book a demo of the platform.

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Platform Features

personalised reports

Actionable Reports

Download a report or monitor progress from your dashboard at a class, school, or district level to ensure you focus extra attention where it is needed most.



Students can compete as individuals or on behalf of their school in national, regional, or sponsored events to win exciting prizes!



Points earned through the activity can be donated to charity, increasing student engagement while helping society.


Discussion Forums

Learners can chat with each other, or interact with advisors at partner organizations, in a 100% moderated and safe forum.


Support and Training

Create modules with the help of our content team. We also provide free resources and a Success Manager to help onboard teachers, students, and parents.


Privacy and Protection

ChatterHigh is committed to compliance with federal and state/provincial laws and regulations governing student privacy.