Construction Industry Pathways in Manitoba

Help students discover the exciting and diverse range of opportunities in Manitoba's construction sector.

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Gamified Construction Industry Pathway modules are now freely available for students and teachers on the ChatterHigh platform. 


In this course, students will learn about career pathways available in Manitoba's construction industry by taking a tour of relevant industry websites. 

Module titles include:

  • Trade Up Manitoba
  • Hear About Heavy Construction
  • Research Residential Construction 
  • Investigate Industrial, Commercial, and Institutional Construction
  • Find Opportunities for First Nations
  • Constructing Pathways with Apprenticeships

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Industry Collaboration Courses

Our Industry Collaboration Courses are a collection of modules from key members within a leading industry that students may be interested in learning more about. Students can discover a range of opportunities, access salary information, and imagine their future in an area that interests them. 

What's Covered in the Construction Industry Pathways Course?

This module will introduce students to the exciting world of the construction trades. You’ll learn about different types of jobs in the construction industry, as well as resources and pathways to help you pursue these jobs. In completing the module, you will become familiar with the Trade Up Manitoba website, so you can refer back to it as you continue on your journey to a career in construction.

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This module will teach you about the vital role the industrial construction industry plays in our country’s and our province’s economies. You’ll learn about how the heavy construction industry impacts your everyday life, as well as the diverse opportunities it has to offer to people of all different backgrounds, skills, and interests.



This module is all about introducing students to the exciting world of building and renovating homes. You’ll learn about key workers in the industry, such as the prime contractor, the economic importance of the industry, safety training, and the industry’s association: the Manitoba Home Builders’ Association.



This module is all about introducing you to Manitoba’s thriving industrial, commercial, institutional (ICI)  construction industry, as well as the Winnipeg Construction Association. Not sure what commercial construction is? This module will not only teach you about what ICI construction is but will also introduce you to the different learning opportunities the industry has to offer.



This module is all about introducing students to First Peoples Development Inc. (FPDI), a non-profit organization that offers a variety of programs to help support members of First Nation communities. FPDI also has some exciting opportunities specifically geared towards youth, including their Robotics Program.



This module will introduce students to the variety of jobs that skilled trades workers perform and the exciting projects that they contribute to. Students will also discover a key way to become a skilled trades worker: apprenticeship. 



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