Automotive Industry Pathways

Help students discover the exciting and diverse range of opportunities in the automotive sector.

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Gamified Automotive Industry Pathway modules are now freely available for students and teachers on the ChatterHigh platform. 


In this course, students will learn about career pathways available in the automotive industry by taking a tour of relevant industry websites. 

Module titles include:

  • Navigating Your Future in Automotive and Mobility 
  • Discover Your Inner Recreation Vehicle (RV) Tech 
  • Exploring Career Opportunities in the RV Industry 
  • Getting Down to (Automotive) Business 
  • Drive Automotive Excellence in B.C.*
  • The Real Deal on New Car Dealerships in B.C.*

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*Available in B.C. only

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Industry Collaboration Courses

Our Industry Collaboration Courses are a collection of modules from key members within a leading industry that students may be interested in learning more about. Students can discover a range of opportunities, access salary information, and imagine their future in an area that interests them. 

What's Covered in the Automotive Industry Pathways Course?

Questions in this module will introduce students to the OVIN Skills and Career Navigator, an all-encompassing tool to navigate skills and careers in Ontario’s automotive and mobility sector. 



In this module, students will learn how Canada’s RV industry contributes to the Canadian economy, particularly through manufacturing, sales, service, and tourism. 



In this module, students will learn about Canada’s thriving automotive industry, including the different sectors and jobs within the industry, as well as the school dedicated to this industry: the Automotive Business School of Canada.



This module will introduce students to Canada’s exciting and evolving RV industry. The RV industry contributes to the Canadian economy through employment, job creation, sales, tourism and manufacturing.  You’ll learn about the important role the industry plays in contributing to the Canadian economy, as well as the particularly fascinating job of the RV Service Technician.



In this module, students (B.C. only) will learn about B.C.’s exciting and innovative automotive industry. From recycling to repairing vehicles, this industry allows them to use their skills to help people and the environment. 

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In this module, you will be introduced to Canada’s growing automotive industry. In particular, you’ll get an inside look at the kinds of job and career opportunities available at new car and truck dealerships throughout B.C. You’ll learn about how B.C. is leading the way in zero emission vehicles (ZEVs) and get to hear from people in the industry! 


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