Agriculture Industry Pathways in Alberta

Help students discover the exciting and diverse range of opportunities in Alberta's agriculture industry.

Agriculture pathways in alberta course for teens

Gamified Agriculture Industry Pathway modules are now freely available for students and teachers on the ChatterHigh platform. 


In this course, students will learn about career pathways available in Alberta's agriculture industry by taking a tour of relevant industry websites. 

Module titles include:

  • Find Your Field in Agriculture
  • Curious About Canola
  • Possibilities in Pork Production
  • Explore Olds College of Agriculture and Technology Programs

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Industry Collaboration Courses

Our Industry Collaboration Courses are a collection of modules from key members within a leading industry that students may be interested in learning more about. Students can discover a range of opportunities, access economic information, and imagine their future in an area that interests them. 

What's Covered in the Agriculture Industry Pathways Course?

In this module, students will see just how vast and innovative Alberta’s agriculture industry is. Not only will they be introduced to a variety of diverse job opportunities within the industry, but thanks to a helpful booklet by Ag for Life, they’ll also learn about the four steps to planning their career in agriculture.

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In this module, students will learn about various aspects of the pork industry and its important role in Alberta’s economy. From veterinarians to environmental engineers, this module will show students that there are a lot of jobs necessary for Alberta’s pork industry to succeed.



In this module, students will be introduced to Alberta’s canola industry. In only a few decades, canola has become one of the world’s most important oilseeds and one of Canada’s leading crops. Today canola is a true "made-in-Canada” success story and the foundation of a thriving, sustainable industry. Students will learn about the many different uses of canola, including one particularly environmentally significant use, as well as the important role the industry plays in both our nation’s and our province’s economies.



In this module, students will learn about some of the agriculture programs available at Olds College of Agriculture and Technology. By exploring these programs, students can get a better idea of the different ways that they can learn about and take part in the agriculture industry. 




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