Saskatchewan’s Most Informed School/Student

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Spring Competition Dates:

April 4 - 13, 2022


An opportunity for Saskatchewan students and schools in grades 6-12 to win prizes while becoming more informed about career and post-secondary options after high school!

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$7,500 in cash prizes to be won! Saskatchewan schools can win their share from a $3,500 prize pot, while students win $20 for answering 50 quiz questions correctly until the $4,000 prize pot is depleted.


For the school competition, there are four divisions based on the school population. There is tiered prizing for the top 16 schools amongst the different leaderboards.

Most Informed Student Competition

75 Correct-2

Most Informed School Competition

75 Correct (1)-1-2

How it Works

Schools compete by exploring career, post-secondary & labour market information resources in a 10 question daily quiz. 

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