Forestry Industry Pathways Course

Help students discover the exciting and diverse range of opportunities in the forestry sector.

Forestry Course iPad EN (1)

Gamified Forestry Pathway modules are now freely available for students and teachers on the ChatterHigh platform. 


We are excited to announce that this collaborative course which includes the Canadian Institute of Forestry helps students discover the exciting and diverse range of opportunities in the forestry sector. 


In this course, students will cover the following topics: 

  • Environmental, economic, social, cultural and health benefits that Canadian forests provide. 

  • Technological advancements in the forestry sector.
  • Canada's forest professionals and practitioners.
  • Career pathways in the Canadian forestry sector.

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Exploring Forestry Pathways for Educators

A separate course built specifically for educators!


As a teacher, you will learn more about the Canadian forest sector and the role of the Canadian Institute of Forestry in bringing together the forest community and promoting awareness of Canada's forests to audiences beyond the sector. Also, you will learn about the many fun and informative bilingual resources for students of all ages that we have available for teachers and educators to bring forestry back to your classrooms. This module also highlights the diverse and exciting careers available in forestry to inspire the future generation to pursue this dynamic sector.