Canadian Women in History Course

by Women and Gender Equality Canada

A free learning activity that guides students through key figures, events, and gender equality milestones in Canadian history, and that celebrates the diverse and inspiring stories of Canadian women who have made an impact.

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The Canadian Women in History course is now live on the ChatterHigh platform! 


Canadian students in grades 6-12 (grade 6 to secondary 5 in Quebec) now have access to the modules designed to help youth embark on their learning journey and work towards becoming more informed while celebrating diverse and inspiring stories of Canadian women who have made an impact. 

Four free modules are available:

  • Celebrating and Commemorating Canadian Women in History
  • Key Moments in History
  • Women of Impact in Canada
  • Gender Equality and Your Learning Journey


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About This Course

Launching in October 2022 to commemorate the 30th anniversary of  Women’s History Month (WHM), this course celebrates the outstanding achievements of women throughout Canada’s history. It provides an opportunity for everyone to learn about the contributions of the amazing women and girls who have shaped our society and inspired so many. Thanks to all the Canadian women who didn’t accept the status quo and fought hard to change things, today’s women have more rights and freedom. The “Canadian Women in History” course, created by Women and Gender Equality Canada and ChatterHigh, will engage youth across the country in a learning journey that honours the diverse, inspiring women and girls of Canada’s past and present.

In partnership with:

Woman and Gender Equality Canada